Nurture their Nature

Parenting By Personality (Duration: 1 Day)

In general, the more positive your self-esteem, the more successful you will be at dealing with life. The same holds for your children. The more positive their self-esteem, the more confident and proud they will be. They will try harder, be happier and have greater self-respect. They will make friends easier and will be more giving. Children with positive self-esteem are more secure and loving than children with negative self-esteem. Negative self-esteem is related to low self-confidence, insecurity, underachievement, anxiety, depression, acting-out behaviour, sleep problems and being a loner.

This course designed to help you understand your child’s personality and ways to build their self-esteem, self-worth and confidence. It will enable parents to resolve conflict, reason with their child and understand how their child’s brain develops.

  • Personality type Knowing your child’s strengths and blind spots.
  • The importance of teaching delayed gratification.
  • Understanding how a brain develops.
  • Breathing techniques to gain control and focus.
  • Focus on how you connect and the biggest distractions.
  • The difference between Self- esteem and Self- worth.
  • Most common parenting faults.
  • The power of thought and positive affirmations.
  • Setting goals to keep your child on track.