Presentation Skills

This course will enable you to prepare and deliver powerful presentations that will increase your professionalism and effectiveness. You will learn practical tips and techniques for planning your key messages, structuring your delivery and creating an interesting and entertaining presentation. This is a highly practical course where participants are required to give multiple presentations to the group. You will be able to get your point across with more clarity and impact, be able to influence others to buy into your ideas and contribute to the professionalism of your company and yourself.

  • Identify the four essential components of a presentation.
  • Plan and manage the time during the sessions, keeping the time on track and how to avoid unnecessary discussions.
  • Techniques for handling questions and dealing with interruptions and problem participants.
  • How the use of voice and body language can add or detract from the message and image being portrayed.
  • Recognize how they come across to others and the assumptions people make. Avoid giving the wrong impression and become more assertive.
  • Plan with an objective, arrive prepared to the sessions, bringing the available history and data.
  • Encourage buy-in and stakeholder engagement.
  • The correct use of PowerPoint graphics, fonts and graphs to create visuals to compliment and clarify your message.