Foundation of Emotional Intelligence

Impact Mentorship is fully dedicated to emotional intelligence development and our courses are grounded in current science, and made practical and simple to understand. We don’t “just talk” about emotional intelligence, we use a robust methodology to make it transformational.

This Emotional Intelligence Course will provide the participant with the ability to recognize and manage their behaviours, moods, and impulses and give them a clear understanding in Emotional Intelligence (EI) skills and the damage of emotional incompetence. Delegates will gain the ability to evaluate and self-regulate responses which will deliver huge gains in effectiveness. It will influence their relationships with customers, peers colleagues and leaders, in addition to relieving stress and gaining self- control and self-esteem.

  • Identify your personality type and recognize your strengths and weaknesses
  • Recognize your emotions and the impact they have on your behaviour
  • Understanding how the brain works and the power of thought and visualization
  • Change disruptive, self-defeating and disempowering behaviour patterns, such as anger, fear, avoidance, defensiveness, resentment, depression, passivity, lack of motivation, etc
  • Develop the ability to understand and recognise an emotion as you experience it. Understand the link between thinking, and feeling and their impact on every behaviour, choice and decision we make
  • Build Self-Esteem, Confidence and Assertiveness to project a positive image
  • Stress tolerance.
  • The importance of Impulse control and Optimism and Empathy
  • How to balance and manage life and work more effectively through managing time properly and setting goals
  • Understanding others and their feelings, anger, responses
  • Identifying Areas for Improvement and Specific Steps for Developing EI